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Domonique & daughter

Updated: June 13, 2020
Domonique Janelewis Follows Her Dream

Domonique Janelewis of Las Cruces received $4000 in educational funds from the Soroptimist Golden West Region (GWR) through the Soroptimist Live Your Dream Award program. The GWR award is in addition to the $1500 award that Domonique received from SI-Las Cruces in February. The local award "really helped me this semester to cover costs of tuition because I didn't know how I was going to pay for it. That was a blessing for me toward my dream of graduating from college," Domonique says. The additional funding from GWR will ensure that Domonique is able to complete her final year of college.

Domonique will complete a bachelor’s degree in family and child science at New Mexico State University (NMSU) in Spring 2021, with the goal of mentoring at-risk youth. A single mother who works full time at Families and Youth, Inc., she was chosen for the award for her determination to complete her education despite obstacles. “I've been abused, in state's custody, homeless, and I didn't let any of that stop me from following my heart and going back to school. I woke up every day, walked my daughter to school, got on the city bus and went to class. I took algebra three times before I passed it,” says Janelewis.  “I know from experience that not everyone has a strong support system. Together with my experience and my educational background, I plan to guide [youth] along their journeys by encouraging and motivating them to be the best version of themselves.”

Live Your Dream Awards provide women who serve as the primary wage earners for their families with funds to offset costs of attaining post-secondary education or training, including expenses that most scholarships don’t cover. This year’s winners also received new laptop computers from Shannon and Maggie Reynolds.

Our 2020 cash awards for education were made possible by grants from the Devasthali Family Foundation Fund, administered by the Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico, the John and Eunice Davidson Fund and individuals who supported Soroptimist fundraising programs.

"This award really helped me to cover costs of tuition because I didn't know how I was going to pay for it.
                  That was a blessing for me toward my dream of graduating from college."





Friday, May 8, 2020: Lisa Lucca, host of Live True on Las Cruces Community Radio KTAL-LP 101.5 FM talked with two of Soroptimist International of Las Cruces' 2020 Live Your Dream Award recipients, Domonique Janelewis and Marissa Sanchez, along with SILC Scholarship chairperson, Esther Devall. The topic: How have Soroptimist scholarships helped these awardees continue their journeys, and how has COVID-19 impacting their lives as single moms?  
                                 Listen Here

Challenge Extended 2

 Theatre Doors Closed
Sponsored by LUNA and Century Bank

Our film festival has been postponed until October 17 at 7pm. Save the date and join us for LUNAFEST Las Cruces 2020 at the historic Rio Grande Theatre in downtown Las Cruces. Experience an evening of powerful short films made by and about women, meet local women filmmakers, and learn about how LUNAFEST and Soroptimist empower women.

The proceeds will benefit Soroptimist Dream Programs: Live Your Dream Awards provide financial assistance to women who persevere to complete their educations despite significant personal obstacles. Dream It, Be It empowers high school girls through workshops on defining goals, overcoming obstacles to success, managing money, and professional etiquette.

Films are RATED EQUAL™.

 Outdoors Open
Sponsored by Melissa J. Reeves, Attorney

Let's focus on what we still can do. We still can enjoy the out of doors. We still can  look for ways to help others in our community. Because the Soroptimist Challenge lets you do both at the same time, we are extending the program registration date to June 30. Those who register by June 30 have until December 31 to complete their hikes.

The proceeds from the Challenge will fund next year's scholarships and  educational programs. We hope those who are able to register will do so to support those important programs. This year we awarded more than $5,000 in cash awards through Live Your Dream, Dream It Be It and our new GED scholarship program. Will you help us give more in 2020-2021?

Whether you register or not, we invite you to find health and joy in the beautiful landscapes that surround us. For inspiration, check out our Challenge - Maps.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events








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We join many of the biggest foundations such as the Clinton Global Initiative and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in putting the empowerment of women and girls front and center. Our goals also are aligned with the United Nation’s agenda for women’s equality.   Soroptimist International


Our Mission: Empowerment through Education
Soroptimist of Las Cruces supports women's education in southern New Mexico with our Dream It, Be It Award and Live Your Dream Awards
that provide financial support for educational programs beyond high school.  The Dream It, Be It Career Support conference teaches high schools girls enduring life skills. 

[Listen to the October 2019 interview on QueTal 101.5 FM]

Celebrating 50 years
of service to Las Cruces by providing women the financial support needed to complete their educations and live their dreams.