Dream It Be It Girls Conference

The 2019 Dream It, Be It Girls Conference will be Saturday, February 9th
at the DACC East Mesa Campus, 2800 Sonoma Ranch Blvd, Las Cruces

Attend the conference to be eligible for the Dream It, Be It Continuing Education Award.
is open to any Sophomore, Junior, or Senior. Download Conference Flyer.

What girls said about the 2018 conference:
♥  I was scared to come because I didn't know anyone.  So glad I did!
♥  I learned so many life skills today, I cannot wait to apply them to my life.
♥  Thank you for teaching us how to be successful in our education & in finding a career.
♥  I learned so much and feel inspired that I am not the only one facing these issues.
♥  My job opportunities and decision making is more advanced because of this conference.
♥  I enjoyed learning how to manage money & how to spend it wisely.
The Dream It, Be It conference will cover 3 of the following topics:

Discovering Your Dreams
This session’s goal is to begin to develop group cohesion, and to create an opportunity for participants to consider future aspirations.
Exploring Careers
This  session will focus on career exploration. It will lead participants through a self-assessment of interests and values because what participants care about now can predict fulfilling careers in the future.
Creating Achievable Goals
This session addresses the important personal and professional skill of goal setting.
Rising Above Obstacles
This session seeks to address the adversity that women of all ages face in their career advancement,
often just by the nature of their gender.
Turning Failure into Success
This session aims to directly address the fear of failure by introducing the idea that experiencing a failure is a key step in the process of learning and growing.
Balancing Your Stress
This session aims to give participants the tools to identify and better manage stress.
Putting Dreams into Action
Participants will create a concrete action plan for achieving their goals, and identify members of their family and community who can support them in implementing their action plan.

Tracks not presented at the conference can be completed in your DIBI Conference workbook at home.

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