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Soroptimist of Las Cruces celebrating 50 years
April 4, 1970 - April 4, 2020


50 years ago isn't ancient history.  It isn't even history.

  The fashion, movies, music, news, politics
and technology of the 1970's are
either still relevant in their own right,
or chilling examples of history repeating itself.


Little Known Fact
Modern invention ended in the 1970's

Everything old is new again, or
was never new to begin with.

What we consider new technology today is merely the by-product of miniaturization (1950's), improved battery life (beginning in 1800's), incremental improvements, and a whole lot of feature creep, not new inventions. Some examples:

First link established in 1968.  VoIP? Transmission began in 1973.  Mobile Phone/Cell Phones? 1940s AT&T developed cells and base stations.  Motorola, mass produce the the first handheld mobile phone in 1973.  Smart phones? Combination of  Telephone and Analytical Engine (1850's).  Streaming? Television (1927) over the internet, 1st cable station HBO (1972).  WiFi? Radio technology (1895).  GPS? First satellite launched in 1978.  The Cloud? The notion of network-based computing dates to the 1960s.

Send us your favorite technology to see if you can stump us.

BTW, all apps are software which was originally developed by Alan Turning in 1935.