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The difference between the earnings of women and men has shrunk over time. But significant disparity in how men and women are paid still remains.

The uncontrolled gender pay gap, which takes the ratio of median earnings of all women to all men, decreased by $0.05 since 2015.

However, women still make only $0.79 for every dollar men make in 2019.

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This figure is representative of the uncontrolled — or “raw” gender pay gap, which looks at the median salary for all men and women regardless of job type or worker seniority. In other words, the median salary for men is roughly 21 percent higher than the median salary for women.

This figure represents a one percent improvement from 2018 and a 5 percent improvement from 2015, when the median salary for men was roughly 26 percent higher than the median salary for women. What is the gender pay gap once all compensation factors such as experience, industry and job level are accounted for? It’s still not zero.

In fact, when men and women with the same employment characteristics do similar jobs, women earn $0.98 for every dollar earned by an equivalent man. In other words, a woman who is doing the same job as a man, with the exact same qualifications as a man is still paid two percent less. Unfortunately, this controlled wage gap has only shrunk by a miniscule amount of $0.008 since 2015.