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How can I check how well I or my team is doing compared to other participants?
Every Friday we'll be posting the top point earners on Facebook (silcnm) Instagram (silcnm) and on our webpage (

Do I need a GPS app to complete these hikes?

No, a GPS app isn’t required, but can be helpful in checking your approximate location along a trail. Remember that mileages on consumer GPS apps often vary from app to app and even from time to time on the same app or device. The mileages on our maps may vary from those measured by the app you use.

When do I get my Challenge badges and merchandise?

If you registered for a single hike, we will send your premiums when you have completed that hike by sending us your selfies. If you registered for unlimited hikes, we will send your premiums after the close of the Challenge in April.

Map link is broken.  The link may be broken, it may be the browser, or some other internet issue.  Whatever the reason, we will be happy to send you the maps directly.  Email us with the map(s) you need and will reply within 24 hours.  EMAIL US us directly, or use the CONTACT US page.



Can I submit a photo of myself taken by my hiking partner instead of a “selfie”?  Of course, you can. Be creative! Wear your special hat. Hold up a greeting to “Mom.” Victory poses are encouraged. Have fun! Please include your name/team name and the trail completed with your selfies. If you are registered as a group (family, youth or team), make sure that all participants are in the picture.       HIKE ♦ BIKE ♦ RUN