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Take the Challenge.
Set a goal to do more than you think you can, just like our inspirational awardees
who have overcome daily challenges while working to support their families while pursuing their degree.

The Soroptimist Challenge will be back in Winter 2019.

We are improving on last years event and will roll out the
2019-2020 changes and dates as soon as possible.

The Soroptimist Challenge

is a self-paced adventure for individuals and teams.

Hike, Bike or Run — on our designated trails in the OMDP Monument

between [Fall 2019-Spring 2020 dates TBD].


♦ Cool embroidered patches showing the Challenges.

♦ Fun outdoor merchandise with event logo.

♦ The satisfaction of knowing you helped inspiring women reach their goals.


Create your challenge Account.  From your account:

♦ Register, choose challenges and checkout.

♦ Report your progress with trail selfies as designated on each trail map.

♦ Collect patches and outdoor merchandise.
       HIKE ♦ BIKE ♦ RUN