SILC Award Winners

The SILC Scholarship was originally the Louise Garrett Scholarship named after one of the founding Las Cruces chapter members.  The name was re-branded in 2013 to better align the award with our chapter.  In 2018, to further align this award with our mission and signature program we rolled it into the Live Your Dream Award Scholarship.

2017 SILC Awardee: Maricarmen Marrufo

2016 SILC Awardee: Silvia Coronado

2015 SILC Awardee: Tonya Ney

2014 SILC Awardee: Celeste Campos

2013 SILC Awardee: Marena Pacecho

2012 SILC Awardee: none

2011 SILC Awardee: Rachael Betancourt & Emily Clark

2010 SILC Awardee: Jamie Molina & Lingxia Sun

2009 SILC Awardee: Katherine Donoher

2008 SILC Awardee: Melanie Hall